Alternative : Paper Sculpture for Daji Kaka Museum

Client & Brief

P.N.Gadgil Jewellers wanted moment in time art installations for the inauguration of the Dajikaka Gadgil Museum in Pune. The Museum overall was to celebrate Dajikaka and trace the history of the family from their humble beginnings in Sangli to present day popular pan-Indian jewellery chain.

Approach & Conceptualization

In the longstanding and impressive story of the company and the man behind it all, Pumpkin chose to showcase the turning point in Dajikaka's life when he became the head of the family business due to the unfortunate loss of his father. His pronounced sorrow and uncertainty were to be visible as he looked on his father's vacant seat in the family jewellery store.


A muted treatment with stark white paper was used in Paper Sculpture to enhance the gravitas of this pivotal moment in Dajikaka's life.
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