Packaging: Romedy Now

Client & Brief

Romedy NOW, launched in September 2013, is an English Language Hollywood Movie Channel for urban, Indian audiences. It started out as a channel with romantic-comedy content and was perceived as a “feel-good” channel, for young women. The visual repositioning exercise was to reflect a change in inventory to include more pan-gender, comedy content and broaden their audience. We were called to rebrand ROMEDY NOW to increase sampling and overall viewership and draw attention to their new inventory.


To change perception of the channel from a “chick-flick” space of frivolousness to one of acclaimed, award winning content and comedy, inclusive and entertaining, for all English speaking/reading audiences.

We proposed a balance between Comedy and Romance; reinventing the identity and design language to be more gender-neutral, colourful and friendly, appealing to both urban Indian, male and female audiences; thus, widening their viewership base.


The new graphics system and motion design was, fun and cheeky, ticking all the boxes we had put for ourselves; virbrant, engaging and signaling their smart, exceptional inventory. The shift in positioning worked very well for the Client and showed results from within a few weeks of launch.

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